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Do you need help improving your high school grades? If you are looking for getting some high school tutoringTutor Field offers free services connecting high school students of all ages to local tutors (as well as music teachers). Find the high school Tutors who can work with your curriculum and homework to address your unique educational needs, helping you to stay focus, organized, prioritize, and study more effectively.

More high school students have been using our high school tutoring searching/ matching services, so don’t wait to find out how we can help you to reach your full academic potential. We have even been mentioned on trusted organisations’ website such as All Mum Said, Inter Check, Insider Guides and some other Student Associations.

High school tutors are able to offer a wealth of experience in their professions as well as they knowledge in tutoring the current curriculum’s. A good high school tutor will be able to explain each topic in a number of ways so that they can cater for different students. Some of the most popular high school tutoring subjects include Maths, English, Biology and Languages.

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Information for High School Students

Besides the tutor searching tool, we also constantly interview tutors, teachers, top students to give you some insights of how you can improve your high school grades. We also provide some other useful information for high school students such as the ATAR calculator.

Below is a list of some of the best ATAR calculators that you can use to estimate your ATAR results.

VCE – ATAR Calculator

ATAR Notes VCE  calculator
Better Education 
VCE calculator
Engage Education VCE calculator

HSC – ATAR Calculator

ATAR Notes HSC calculator
Talent 100 HSC calculator
Matrix Education HSC calculator

WACE – ATAR Calculator

ATAR Notes WACE calculator
TISC WACE calculator

QCE – ATAR Calculator

Add a calculator (email us at admin@tutorsfield.com.au)

SACE – ATAR Calculator

Add a calculator (email us at admin@tutorsfield.com.au)

“scaled up” and “scaled down”

When we hear whether a subject is “scaled up” or “scaled down”, this refers to whether the subject’s raw examination mark tends to translate to a higher or lower scaled mark. For instance, for high-scaling subjects, students who score a raw mark of around 65 to 70 out of 120 may still manage to score a 45 / 50 scaled mark. Therefore, higher scaled subjects are preferable because they allow lower exam marks to be equated to higher scaled marks which are used for ATAR calculation.

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