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Student and Education Forums Australia List

1. Bored of StudiesBOS student forumBOS is an Australian online forum/ website targeted at students (NSW). You can join the BOS community forum to look for help from your peers or fellow HSC students. You are free to share the highs and the lows of your student years with tens of thousands of both current and past HSC, and university students.

You can also browse BOS’s extensive database of HSC resources covering all the popular HSC subjects on . There are over 10 000 notes, guides, past papers and summaries. All resources are screened individually by our moderators before they are added.

2. The Whirlpool Education Forum is particularly relevant to students who are studying in Australia. It is for the discussion of tertiary education (eg Uni and TAFE), professional training courses, training providers, secondary education (high school), etc. You may requests for help with homework may be accepted if you can describe what you have worked out so far and how you have tried to proceed.

3. The StudyConnect forums are designed for interested people/ students to share information about Australian education. If you have a question about Australian education or want to make a comment about something you are free to register and add a topic. The forum also cover the topic for international students, such as Migration PR Points Skilled Migration Forum, Student Visa Australia & Work Permit Forum and Accommodation.

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