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AFTER teaching for a number of years, lesson plans often fall by the wayside as professional practice develops along with professional confidence. However, lessons plans provide a means by which a teacher can ensure they meet not only the professional and curriculum requirements but also the pedagogical requirements too. This is the lesson plan template I have used over the years to provide structure and focus to my lessons.

Lesson Plan Template

I developed this lesson plan template during university (the height of lesson planning for all aspiring teachers!) and it has served me well through the years. Though I have adapted some aspects, it remains largely the same. Further to its practical focus, it provides the accountability for the increasing levels of governance that teachers face in schools.

Download link: Lesson Plan Template

For an experienced teacher, at times we forget to have the curriculum achievement standard at the core of what we do. In this way, using this lesson plan template has allowed me to remain singularly curricula focussed. Usefully, it also provides a context for where the lesson falls within the sequence of learning as well as a brief outline of expected learning for the lesson (emphasis on expected).

In the teaching sequence section, the template utilises the gradual release model to delineate the lesson into phases. It also reminds the user to provide opportunities for learning checks through formative assessment as well as pragmatically, what resources (human or otherwise) are required. Again, this focuses the attention of the user on evidence-based best pedagogical practice.

As a holistic document, the lesson plan template then is a point of reflection both with respect to the learning, and (perhaps more so from my university days – but equally as useful now!) for professional practice.

This template, in my very humble opinion, provides the basis for good structured teaching (and hopefully, as a result, learning!) but also meets the requirements for accountability and governance from leadership teams. Further, the lesson plan template has been useful in preparing portfolios for progression all the way through the AITSL standards. So, as a simple on-pager, it is a useful tool when planning your next lesson!

Jarrod Boyle
St Mary’s Primary School, Ipswich
LLB (Hons), BEd (Hons)

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