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National Police Check Service

Each day, children across Australia come into contact with a variety of organisations such as schools, child care centres, hospitals, religious institutions, and sports and recreation clubs. The development and implementation of policy and legislation provide pre-employment screening (national police check and working with children check) of adults who work/ service or volunteer in child-related organisations – this is an important strategy for creating and maintaining child-safe organisations.

This screening process helps to ensure people with a  history of violent and abusive behaviour are prevented from having contact in a workplace environment associated with children.

In addition to child-related employment legislation (where it exists), all states and territories have legislation that requires people who wish to register in certain occupations such as  Teachers, Doctors or Child Care Workers to be screened for criminal offences.

Some organisations where the employee will be dealing with vulnerable groups or children (persons under 18 years old), may have  their own company policy where  employees and volunteers are not only required to undergo Criminal Record Checks but also a Working With Children Checks.

Sometimes, as an Independent Tutor, parents will request a Criminal History Check before they allow you to start your contract.

To gain a competitive edge and secure the contract, you can register and create a tutor profile on the Tutors Field Website. All tutors  registered on Tutors Field have undergone Police Check and are awarded a  ‘Certified Patch’ under their profiles which endorse their good character and appropriate conduct.

What are Police Checks

Police Checks are certificates that identify and release relevant criminal history information relating to convictions, findings of guilt or pending court proceedings.a Police Check? 

You can obtain  Police Checks through the Australian Federal Police (AFP) or an Accredited Broker.  Accredited Brokers use the same database as  the AFP which means the exact same information will be released. Intercheck Australia is one of the trusted Accredited Brokers who provide an express, online portal to help applicants receive their results in 1 to 2 business working days*

National Police Check Service

Application Steps

Step 1: Go to Intercheck Australia Website

Step 2: Register your account and verify your email address

Step 3: Make payment

Step 4: Complete remainder of application  and upload your 100 points of certified identification NB: Ensure you enter purpose as ‘Tutoring Job’. If you are working with under 18 years old student, you must tick yes to  ‘Will you have contact with children/ vulnerable groups’

Step 5: Submit the application.

* Does not apply to public holidays. Strictly applies to business working days only. Should your application require further investigation or a manual review, processing times may take longer.



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