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Extension 1 English Study Notes: Goodnight and Goodluck notes

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Hi, my name is Jessica. I have just dropped out of year 12 so am selling all my notes to help pay for TAFE. I am a very academic student (see below) and have used many of these notes to help me tutor students in general maths, extension english and modern history, as well as achieve high results myself. A lot of time and effort has gone into these notes to make them thorough, easy to read and organised. I hope they can help you out!
– 2016 Commerce Academic Award

– 2017 Modern History Academic Award Winner

– 2017 English Advanced Academic Award Winner

– 2017 Studies of Religion Academic Award Winner

– 2018 Term 1 achieved top place in Modern history

– 2018 Term 1 achieved top place in General Maths

– 2018 Term 1 achieved top place in Drama

– 2018 Term 1 achieved top place in Studies of Religion

– 2018 Term 1 achieved second place in Extension History

Extension 1 English (NAME: Goodnight and Goodluck notes)

This is a 20 page typed document analysing the scenes and quotes within this docudrama. The notes are categorized by scene and in chronological order with in depth analysis of written and visual techniques and themes.

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