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Rate My Teacher and Tutor

How To Rate My Teacher or Tutor?

At Tutors Field, students and parents can browse over thousands of verified teachers / tutors for free, negotiate rate and organise tutoring session with tutor. Each tutor profile has a “Review” button. After taking a couple of lessons with the tutor, you can leave a review and rate your teacher on our website.

Your rating and review will be attached to the tutor profile and be viewed by other students and parents. All rating and comments will be reviewed by our team.


Why Should I Rate My Teacher or Tutor?

There are couple of reasons why you should rate your tutor.

1) If tutor is helping you to achieve your goals, leaving a positive reviews and high rating is one of the best way to show appreciation.

2) Choosing a tutor can be difficult. Your reviews and rating would help other parents and students to make the right decision.

3) Leaving a review and rating can help your teacher / tutor to improve the way they teach.

After you submit a review and rating, your tutor will also be notified.


Rating and Reviews Plugin For Teacher/ Tutor

We develop a reviews and rating plugin that our teachers and tutor can install on their website. After install the plugin, you students will be able to see your overall rating and the number of reviews you have on Tutors Field. The look of the plugin can also be customised to suit your website.

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