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What is SACE?

The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) is an internationally respected senior secondary education qualification that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and capabilities they need to progress to further learning and work as confident and responsible global citizens.

The SACE is a 2-year qualification that is typically studied in the final 2 years of schooling. The SACE offers subjects and courses at two levels, Stage 1 (usually the second-to-last year of secondary schooling) and Stage 2 (usually the last year of secondary schooling). Students must achieve a minimum of 200 credits to complete the SACE. A year-long study of a subject is typically awarded 20 credits. Students gain credits by studying the SACE Board’s subjects (‘SACE subjects’), and/or by studying courses accredited by other educational institutions, which the Board recognises (‘Recognised courses’).

The Board awards the SACE to students who successfully complete the requirements of the certificate.

The Board offers over 60 subjects and recognises a variety of courses including equivalent senior secondary education qualifications from across the world, university studies, vocational education and training qualifications, and community learning programs.

In addition, the Board offers 11 modified subjects that allow students with identified intellectual disabilities to demonstrate their learning through a range of learning experiences.

SACE requirements

Students must achieve a minimum of 200 credits to complete the SACE. These credits comprise compulsory elements (awarded a total of 110 credits) and non-compulsory elements (awarded a total of 90 credits).

Compulsory elements

To be eligible to receive the SACE, students must achieve at least the equivalent of ‘satisfactory achievement’* for all of the following:

  • literacy requirement — at least 20 credits from a range of Stage 1 or Stage 2 English subjects
  • numeracy requirement — at least 10 credits from a range of Stage 1 or Stage 2 Mathematics subjects
  • Personal Learning Plan — 10 credits at Stage 1
  • Research Project — 10 credits at Stage 2
  • SACE subjects and/or courses that the Board recognises — at least 60 credits at Stage 2.

Non-compulsory elements

The remaining 90 credits can be achieved through additional SACE subjects and/or Recognised courses, gained at Stage 1 or Stage 2.

Students must demonstrate:

  • a level of achievement (i.e. a grade between A and E) in SACE subjects, and/or
  • the equivalent of ‘satisfactory achievement’* in Recognised courses.

* ‘Satisfactory achievement’ is defined as: a C grade or better at Stage 1, a C– or better at Stage 2, ‘granted’ for Recognised courses, and ‘completed’ for modified subjects.


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