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Search for the best local tutors in Australia

Doing a tutor search on the internet is not an easy task. There are many issues you may encounter such as tutor you contacted did not respond to you, the rate is out of my budget, the tutor didn’t want to come to me just to name a few. Tutors Field has been in the field for 5 years and here are our top tips for you before you do your tutor search.

Things that you need to know before doing your tutor search:

  1. The same tutor may list their service on multiple sites but the rate may be different.
    Some tutoring platform you will see a higher rate as the platform may charge for a booking fee. If the rate is your concern, one thing you can overcome this is that once you found the tutor you like, you search for the tutor’s name on Google, for example, “Thomas Lee tutor” and you can then see where else the tutor is listed their service.
  2. Always talk to the tutor first before you book.
    It doesn’t have to be a face to face session, even do it via a tutor messaging system or enquiry system can help you to ensure the tutor is the right fit. Hiring a tutor is a big decision to make, not only because of the ongoing commitment, also it will affect you or your child’s future, so you should speak to the tutor first before you book your first lesson.
  3. What question should you ask the tutor?
    Asking the questions will not only allow you to pick the best possible tutor, but it can help you to get the most out of it and to avoid additional fees. Many students would ask questions like “Do you have access to any study materials?”, “Do you charge extra travelling to my place?”, “Do you provide lesson and study materials?”, etc.

Using online platforms for your tutor search

Tutors Field itself is a also a tutoring platform where you can search for over 5,000 local tutors and music teachers. Some common features of tutoring platform you should know includes:

  1. Subject search
  2. Location search
  3. Gender search
  4. Sort by distance
  5. Sort by rate
  6. Sort by reviews

These common tutor searches will help you to narrow down to the tutors who are offering tutoring service nearby. With most platforms, you can also sort by rate/ reviews.

Tutors Field also has to ensure you find a tutor quick which is the built-in algorithm to forward your enquiry to nearby tutors who fit your requirements. You can also click on some quick links below.

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Tutor Search Brisbane

Tutor Search Perth

Tutor Search Adelaide

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