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Do you want to sell study notes that you have and make some extra income?

We offer students the opportunity to sell their study notes through our website that has thousands of students visiting each month.

There are many benefits of selling your study notes, such as you can make the most of the work you have already done and get paid for all your hard work while helping other students by learning your footprint.

What study notes can I sell?

  • We accept everything (any subject, any level from HSC, VCE to University subjects)
  • You need to be the owner of the materials that you are selling*
  • Your notes should help the others to learn and understand concepts better

How do I sell my notes?

  • Students retains ownership of their study notes
  • We review and promote your study notes to thousands of students via our website
  • We take care of all the marketing, all you need to do is to email the following details to us at admin@tutorsfield.com.au:
    • Your name and a short bio
    • Your school and academic achievements (such as ATAR, GPA)
    • Attach the notes that you would like to sell via our website
    • Provide description about your study notes (such as the name of the subject, results that you had achieved)

If you are interested in buying study notes, please visit our Study Notes page

sell study notes

*Unlike other online study notes marketplace, we have a team to review the study notes before putting it up on our website. Once our team reviewed you study notes, we will notify you by email.

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