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Student budget hacks

Entering college after high school is a different level of enjoyment and adulthood. From the time you step inside the college, you find yourself in a loop of handling your money instead of relying on your parents.

The sense of responsibility is either bliss for few or a high turnover of their life. Relying on a limited budget or allowance may find students on cold feet. But there are few easy and creative ways to handle your budget and still enjoy your time in college. It is all about understanding the budgeting basics and how to keep money in the loop. 

Following hacks are very efficient and effective for someone who wants to get through college without any issue and worry about their spending.

  1. Easy Textbook Fix

Usually, a student spends 60 per cent to 70 per cent of their allowance on textbooks at the start of every semester. Thus, leading to short of money in hand. There are many ways that you can cut this cost to a minimum or even zero.

We suggest using the college library and studying there. If you need to have a personal book, go for purchasing second-hand or used books from a shop. It is so cheap.

If you search for zero investment, ask a senior or friend to provide you with relevant books. Or trying to explore the e-book. Many colleges and professors have access to digital libraries; you can also try to get a pass or help from professors.

  1. Fix and track your Budget

One of the best ways to save money by the end of the month is by making a budget. Since you are new to money handling, it might be challenging and confusing for you to start. But there are many apps available that can help you make a budget first and then track it.

Do remember to distinguish between your needs and desires. What you want is not always from need. We suggest always have a little entertainment section in your budget so that you can reward yourself at the end of the month as well.

  1. Second-Hand Stationaries and Tech

Getting into college or even high school require laptops, tablets and many other technological devices. Let’s be honest, from carrying books and multiple notebooks, having a tablet in your hand is more handy fix. But they can cost a fortune or maybe your entire budget. You might be thinking about where you can get a tablet in the cheap and best condition?

You can visit websites like https://www.phonebot.com.au/ for refurbished tablets, laptops and second-hand phone that are almost new and are really very cheap. You can freely visit their website and choose from the latest collection according to your requirement and have your issue resolved right away within a budget.

  1. Student Discounts

There are many restaurants, bakeries, cafes, cinemas and even clothing shops that offer a discount to students. All you need is your student ID or card in your pocket all the time. It is an authentic and fun way to getting yourself some decent food and entertainment in less money spent.

  1. Cook for yourself

Yes! You need to cook for yourself. Teach yourself to cook and buy local grocery from a cheap super Mart; it is very affordable than buying food daily. Seriously, you can make a good sandwich at home or in your hostel that will cost you 1/3 of the money you spend buying from the fast-food chain or a bakery. We also recommend buying the local super Mart brand for grocery and laundry. They are 20 per cent cheaper than the famous chained brands.

In the end, give yourself some time and work smart. Adapt these easy and creative ways into your life and seriously, these will help you a lot in future as well in finance. 

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