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Study abroad with IELTS

These and many such lines emerge as golden statements for those who are zealous to chase their dream of studying abroad.

For the most commonly known yet strategic gateway for the students to study abroad has been IELTS over the years. It provides a robust platform to pursue higher studies relevant to mainstream or additional courses that give career a great boost.

The mode of exam is quite simple. A student needs to appear for an IELTS test. Further, he/she is required to achieve certain bands (or grades in general terms) which remains variable.

For instance, an undergraduate appearing for the test needs to clear it with a minimum of 6 bands and for the graduates the band is set to a level higher. Before proceeding, let’s see the necessity of IELTS for studying abroad.

Of course, when so much of options are available to avail a course in abroad then why should one opt for IELTS? Well, the reason is convincing.


IELTS has been specifically designed for those who don’t have English as their first language. To be very clear, the first aspect required for a student to carry his studies in abroad is English.

A student should be proficient to understand and communicate in English. This is where IELTS helps to bridge the gap.

As already discussed, a student has to appear for an IELTS exam to clear the required band. Achieving the grades make him eligible for an abroad study. However, there are more additions to this format.


Generally, an IELTS exam is held in four major categories- Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking. Each test includes definite set of questions which have to be attempted in a particular frame of time.

Since, with the consistent augment of students seeking studies in abroad every year, preparing and appearing for IELTS has seen various options.

A major part of the students, wish to earn their degrees and education in countries like Australia and New Zealand. Thus, opting for the courses like IELTS classes in Perth comes out to be a value adding decision for students.

Not only the students give and clear the exams, but also find a better chance to get placed into some best institutes for their courses.

Opting for IELTS in Perth is not just limited to undergo abroad studies in Australia. Instead, it also proves to be a career shaping facet where the candidate could get placed into one of the most renowned sectors of his field.

In fact, there have been many examples where people avail IELTS for their abroad studies and are earning with a handsome pay today. So, you could also relate it to a step leading to career building. Now, who says studying abroad is a day dream?

For those, who consider IELTS as a hard test to get through, should avoid this myth. Cracking an IELTS test is not a hard nut to crack. However, success never comes without practice.

IELTS test too, is not an exception in this regards.  The only thing you need is a thorough study and the management of time to attempt maximum questions in a given time frame and then you are set to study abroad.

So, when are you appearing for the IELTS?


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Raghavendra Anand is a managing director at Apeiro Training Services in Australia. With an extensive experience and wide network of contacts in the student service industry, he is perfectly positioned to assist international student gain higher education opportunities or immigrate successfully to Australia.

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