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Teacher Interview Questions

Are you going to hire a tutor or music teacher for your kid, if so you should take a look at the most critical teacher interview questions you should ask before you make your decision.

Tutors/ Teachers play a significant role in your child’s upbringing. They can affect their learning, their behaviour, and even their choices. It is essential for you to find a tutor/ teacher who is not only qualified and experienced but also suited to your child’s temperament and development needs. As such, the following tutor/ teacher interview questions might help you find a tutor who is the right person for both you and your child:

Information provided by InterCheck Australia.

1) What are your qualification?*

The most important question to ask a potential tutor is whether they have right qualifications for the job.  Usually,  people who have worked as teachers  make great tutors. The reason is self-explanatory. They come equipped with  the relevant academic background  and teaching experience under their belt.

Hiring trained teachers, however, can get pretty expensive. In that case, your next best option would be to look for university  students who will be able to understand the curriculum requirements and student needs without charging you a fortune!

Your  third option could  be someone with academic qualifications in the subject matter that your child needs help in. Obviously,  previous tutoring experience would be a bonus!

2) What is your teaching style?

Everyone learns differently. This is nothing new. Some children prefer to be guided while some need a bit more free reign. Some learn better from  interactive demonstrations while others prefer a more aural style. Once you’ve identified your child’s learning style and what motivates them best, you can check whether the tutor’s teaching style matches your child’s learning needs. Letting Professor Snape tutor your Hermione Granger might not be the best way to go!

Understanding your child’ motivation and learning style is also help to identify the right tutors.

3) Do you have any references?

It’s always useful to know what other parents have to say about the tutor you’re interviewing for your child. . Don’t be shy to ask for references or ask from previous employers. At Tutorsfield, for instance, parents can easily leave reviews for the tutors to help them with any future job opportunities. Word of mouth is crucial l in the tutoring world.

4) Do you offer a free trial session?

This will depend on the tutor or organisation, but most will provide this if they are confident in their services and are genuinely interested in your business. That’s a great opportunity for you and your child to get to know the person before actually hiring them.

5) Do you have clearance to work with children and other vulnerable groups?

Your child’s safety should be non-negotiable!

With growing public awareness about child sexual abuse and the need to speak out, more and more people are stepping forward to share their stories. We’re hearing reports of teacher indiscretions  in the news everday. As such, it is imperative that you make sure that the people who have influence over your child in your absence are verified. It is your right to know who is in charge of  your children when they are at school. If your children are under 18, the law requires  trained teachers to have completed a Working with Children Check (WWCC). Similarly, anyone else who works with your children should undergo the same safety procedures.

A Police Check is recommended by most jobs that require  direct access to people’s private homes  and/or to vulnerable groups of people.  It is a national criminal history that reveals information about a person’s past charges, convictions and juvenile records, verifying whether the person is qualified to do  such work.

Exercise your right and keep your children safe.

Teacher Interview Questions

6) Where will the tutoring take place?

There are a number of locations where your child could meet with their tutor: in your home, at the tutor’s home, at the library, at a tutoring company, or even online. Think carefully about which option best suits your needs and ask the tutor whether they’re able to be at that location.If it’s important to you that the tutoring takes place in your own home, and your tutor doesn’t have a car, for instance, there may not be logistically able to meet your requirements, and vice versa.

As a Police Check is recommended by most jobs that require  direct access to people’s private homes  and/or to vulnerable groups of people, if your tutor does not have one you can recommend your tutor to obtain one quickly and easily via InterCheck for your peace of mind.

*Approx. 80% of checks are usually returned within one or two business days.

Obtain Individual Police Check here

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