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Top Schools in Melbourne – School Ranking VIC

Are you looking to find the top schools in Melbourne? The following table lists the top best high schools in VIC.

Different ranking methods

Different websites and media use different methods to evaluate the school performance so make sure you check more than one of these ranking systems to get the better picture of how your school is performing in VIC. Below is a list of some other school rankings:

  1. Better Education School Ranking VIC – Link
  2. Top Scores School Ranking VIC – Link
  3. The Australian School Ranking – Link
  4. Top 20 Schools in Victoria by The Good Schools Guide – Link

Find out how your school ranked

If you want to find out the school ranking of your school, you can use the ranking app (from The Sydney Morning Herald). You simply need to type in the name of your school and it will show you how your school ranked based on the VIC results in 2016.

If you have any questions or enquiries in regards to the school ranking nsw, please feel free to contact our team.

Other useful tools:Top Schools in Melbourne - School Ranking VIC

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