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Are you a parent of a child needing a little help with assignment or school tasks? High school student with exams upcoming up in a couple of weeks?

Hiring a tutor who are studying their undergraduate degree as a tutor may be the perfect answers to all of the above. University students and graduates can be a perfect fit as they are smart, flexible and provide a positive learning environment for a wide range of needs.

Also, University students make great tutors for younger aged students (primary or secondary school students), as they know the curriculum and have the skills to teach one-on-one. They can also be great tutors for those who want to learn general skills, such as a new language or computer applications.

Here are some Tips to ensure you get the right University tutor

When filling in the details of your preferred tutor, it is very important that you give as much information as possible, such as your expectation, goals or any learning difficulties that you are having. This way it can ensure you get the right candidates apply, and to ensure the University students only apply for the vacancies that they can excel at.

Below are some important questions to ask yourself
1) Do you want the tutor to help you achieve certain grades?
2) What subjects do you want to be tutored in, such as Maths, English, IELTS, etc?
3) How often do you want tutoring and for how long, for example, for the whole semester, 45 mins per tutoring session.
4) Where will the session be held? Tutor may charge extra if travelling to your place.
5) Does the tutor require a Working With Children Check (applicable if your child is under the age of 18)?

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